Early in the morning I was looking out my window from the Hotel and could see in the shadows the early Pilgrims leaving. Click , clack with their walking sticks. Not too much of a rush for us today as we only have about 19 k’s. There seems to be a lot of Pilgrims around at the start of the day, hopefully they will single out as the day progresses.
The yellow arrow weaved it’s way through the cobblestone streets and out of town. The sun is still coming up and there is a lovely pink to the sky.

A encouraging sign sends us off with so called 114 K’s to go.

Masses of leaves cover the ground shedding Autumn tones along the trail. We walk along the edge of a minor road for a short while then into the Forrest.
We come across a shepherd and a few sheep, it was funny to see them munching on the wild mint that perfumes the air. Maybe they don’t worry about the mint sauce here if the sheep are already eating the mint.

As we walk through a small Hamlet we have a smile on our faces as there is a person who has made ducks for her garden out of the traditional Pilgrims Gourds. Very clever.

A man comes past on a beautiful horse and the sound it makes as it moves along the pavements is wonderful. He gives me an Ola and a friendly wave.
Yahoo we have reached the 100 to go sign. As we a standing taking photos of the sign next to a river we hear the acorns falling around us. We didn’t hang round to long just in case we got hit in the head. Crossing a gorgeous little river with its Roman bridge the leaves of the trees are fluttering down in the air and hitting the river and floating away like little boats.

Lovely dirt paths today, NO cobblestones .!

We come across a beautiful mural on the side of a wall. We couldn’t find out much about it but we could still admire the work that has gone into it.

Just past here we can turn off to an alternative route into the Forrest. The locals would like you to walk the road route and maybe buy goods from there shops. The markers and signs get taken down quite regularly by the look. The yellow arrows are also painted black. We find the alternative route and down through the trees and aren’t we glad we did. Later we saw many Pilgrims who didn’t find the turn off and had to walk all the way on the road. They looked unhappy and very tired.
Further along we come to a lovely area which maybe a times floods and we have large stepping stones to walk over. Very pretty area.

We run into Martin our English friend again and walk with him for awhile. As we come past a house on the outskirts a small boy poked his hand through a fence and offered biscuits to us, Martin took one and we gave him €.50. He was so excited and rang and told his father then his Mum. So cute , we also gave him and his sister a small Aussie badge each.
Just before O Porrino there is a little road walking before a turn off along a river which brings us into the town. We pass the Albergue with people lined up and waiting for it to open. Being Sunday the town is very quite and no shops except for a few bars are open.
We are hoping we will be able to get dinner. Our Hotel in Tui has booked us a room in the Hotel Parque. Hmmmm what can I say !!!!!!!

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  1. I am so wishing I was there. It looks so awesome! Where did you actually start your journey? This Camino looks like an option for me.

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