What can I say about Porrino. You are greeted as  you walk into town by an Albergue, then an extremely run down building hits you and you think Wow, it’s true what people are saying that it is an “Interesting place”. But we settled in our Hotel which I think is stuck in the last century and a not so co-operative owner  we made our way down a pedestrian street at the rear of the town and were delighted by the buildings and Restaurants.

There was a children’s fair right outside our window but I must have been tired because I slept like a baby. Best nights sleep for a while.

We have a long hike today so we were up early , went down to breakfast and the owner wanted to charge us again so we didn’t have anything and we gone in the dark at 7.15 , head torches on.

It really was lovely walking so earlier and we got some k’s under our belt before it got light.

We came to a town called Mos and it was fun to see that the farmers had a sense of humour as there were scarecrows of different styles and colours in their paddocks.

it is hot again today and the trail lead us through pine Forrest, eucalyptus trees, cobblestones, roads and dirt tracks. It was a pleasant surprise to see the water that fronts Arcade in the distant and only a couple of hills in front of us to go. Pleasant room and view to the sea. Not quite sure if we have the energy to walk another k down to the sea for dinner or have something nearer to hotel. On the whole a lovely day.

Here are some scenes from today.



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