IAfter a very meagre breakfast at the Hostel we headed out in the dark (8.15am) to make an early start to the day. We are walking to Caldas de Reis.

The sun hadn’t yet appeared and the reflections on the water as we crossed the old stone bridge were beautiful.

It was a mixture today of dirt paths, lovely country lanes and also walking among the gum trees which of course we had to sing Give me a Home amongst the Gum Trees. No one around to hear our bad singing thank goodness.

quite a few Pilgrims out early but it is amazing how we all seem to thin out and only then catch up at the Cafes. Walked with a young man from Norway today for a little while. He had started from Lisbon and walked mainly along the beach to Portothen the Coastal route. He had also walked the Camino Frances.

Lovely stop at a cafe today , the best omlet really filled the spot to go on.

Rows and rows of vines followed us and also cover us from the sun as we walk under the terraces. Very handy to pick a few as you walk along. The chestnuts, mint and acorns cover the trail to today. In the little towns at night thre are vendors selling the roasted chestnuts.

A little bit of road walking towards the end of the day makes the rest spots even more special. Our usual glass of coke cola edges us on the the Termal Springs Hotel in Caldas de Reis.

8.30 Dinner again to night. Can we last????????



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