After a great night, we headed out of Casa Fernanda early once again to miss the heat. It is only a short day today 16.1 K’s. It turned out to be a lovely day, walking was great and the scenery walking through valleys and small hamlets on tracks and minor roads was wonderful. Locals waving and also wishing us a great journey. Off and on we would catch up with the other Pilgrims who we stayed with last night. Still the jokes were coming from Roger the Irishman as he passed.

Here are some photos of our journey today.

7 thoughts on “Lugar do Corgo to Ponte de Lima

  1. Looks so beautiful there. WE may have to try that one some day. Looks like a totally different Camino. Glad you are able to do this wonderful journey once again. Enjoy every moment. We are loving the photos and stories so keep them coming :-). Love You! Dave and Janet

    1. You would love it Dave and Janet. The people are amazing and the scenery just lovely. About to hit Spain tomorrow.

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