We left  Pontedeume up through town underneath the covered archways to the top end of town. We had a great stay at Restaurant Luis extremely friendly host. The food was terrific and the whole stay was very inexpensive.

If we thought we had climbed enough we were wrong . Steps up to the  Church and then more step onto a minor road leading up and up. Once at the top we had amazing views over the town and around the estuary that we had walked the previous day’s.

It was a grey day today with a chance of a shower or two. It is so green in this area, the gardens and soil very lush. One of my favourite flower is the Hydrangea and the flower heads were huge.

Once  again walking along side gumtrees, makes you feel like you are walking back home. Along a stretch of trail lovely seating areas had been placed. We also were walking through private homes, a golf course which was very green and lush. Like golf estate back home there were house built to the side of the course .

As we walked along we crossed over little stone bridges, crunched on acorns and kicked along the furry outsides of Chestnuts . Also looking out for apples that may be leaning in our direction. For some reason always just out of reach. Passing through small villages you get a chance to have a peak into the farmers sheds and on one occasion we saw buckets of freshly dug potatoes. The greens growing in the fields the colours were so bright, not sure if they are what they cook in their soups or use in salads.

Eventually we arrive at a Church and sit under an Elm tree with beautiful Crocus flowers all around us. We looked down the hill and Bethanzos was spread out before us. After our rest we started the very steep descent down to the old town and our accomodation.

The town was lovely with a huge square in the middle full of activity. We settled in for a Gin and Tonic in a lovely old bar and then dinner, where we had a very surprising yummy  meal of Seaweed and Seafood. It pays to ask “What is your speciality”

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