After a terrific breakfast of bacon and eggs we were off.

As we walked around the river following the yellow arrows the sun was shining, a beautiful rainbow greeted us among soft fluffy clouds. The tide was out and the river gave us different impression as to what yesterday was.

Once again we passed some extremely old buildings some dating back to 1792. I have a great interest in old doors and over the 2 Caminos have taken many photos in all states of repair.

We were watching the clouds today as rain was expected .

We were so lucky avoided the rain altogether . A lot of the homes have some sort of reference to the Camino and today we found one that had made an arrow out of shells. Very nice.

We entered into a woodlands area which was very pleasant walking. Lots of pine needles to walk on and also our beloved gumtrees ever present.

Soon we were heading steeply down hill and we have our first glimpse of the bridge into Pontedeume and the city beyond. It looked so beautiful and here are a few pictures as we walked into town.

6 thoughts on “Camino Ingles- Neda to Pontedeume

  1. So glad you stayed at my hotel in Neda. Pity they put the last ” o ‘ in the name !! hope it was nice !!

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