We were greeted again this morning with a beautiful misty sunrise. Just enough to leave a chill in the air and give us a sprint in our step.

I was loving the Suns rays flickering in the trees as we walked along the track. The tracks were great today , we have come a long way from complaining about cobblestones to now loving the dirt tracks.

Lots of interesting farm life happening as we walked past little villages.

We haven’t meet a lot of Pilgrims on this Camino and we were surprised when to Spanish men from Seville came up and walked and talked with us for awhile.

As I have mentioned before the amount of fruit that has been ripening before our eyes along this route has been amazing. Susan decided that the apples that were on the side of the road were free and so we took it upon ourselves to test them out. Yum. We still can’t understand why so many are left to rot.

We were getting closer to our destination and once again the clouds darkened and we had a little rain. The undergrowth on the trail today as so lovely to walk on.

We arrived in Siqueiro and it was time for our usual coke cola, but this time Susan suggested we have a little whiskey to go in it. It certainly did help us  as we made our last couple of kilometre after a 30 k day,  up the hill to our fabulous accomodation.

Great fun night was had at our accomodation, there were 6 other Pilgrims , so sitting around the fire and chatting was the order of the night. The English, German and Spanish google was going crazy, but fun all round.  Terrific sleep in readiness for our last day walking into the Santiago de Compostella Cathederal .

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