Interesting place our Hotel was last night. Think it is in a bit of a time warp, but the thermal springs looked amazing. Wish I had brought my bathers to give my muscles a good old soak. I guess a Spanish Gin and Tonic will have to do the trick.

Setting out a bit later today as we only had around 20 k’s and it was relatively flat. As we left down the Main Street Pilgrims were coming from all directions, after a few kilometres we all had spread out.

The mist had settled for most of the morning but later as the day progressed it got hotter and hotter.

Lovely tracks today, covered by overhanging trees. We meet a group of Spanish women who had set out this morning. We had crossed paths off and on through the morning and when we caught up with them late in the morning we discovered that one of them was struggling as she had done something to the ankle and could hardly walk. I offered tape but she said she would manage.  Think her walking is over for a while.

The cafes along the way are always busy. Usually only one or two people working so it is a struggle to feed the impatient lot of Pilgrims. Only have meet lovely owners and workers and they  always encourage you on for the day.

We arrived in Padron around 3.30 Can’t wait to have some Peppers. The cafe we had lunch at had them in a bowl then I spotted heaps in a bucket, hope I don’t regret not having them. Fingers crossed I will have them tonight. It is getting to the end of the season.

Another great day on the Camino.

Tomorrow Santiago De Compostella

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