Buck Inn Chop Gate
Buck Inn Chop Gate

Another day of walking through the magnificent Heather on the North Yorkshire Moor is installed for us today.  Leaving the Buck Inn at Chop Gate there was a short steep climb to start with.  It  was a very easy walking stage along the ridge of the Cleveland Hills following an old mining railway line.

The wind is up today and taking out it’s vengeance on us. The Grouse are also out and about today. First I could hear them with their quite distinct call and then watching carefully through the Heather out they come crossing over the path. One time it was one, next a couple then seven walk across the path, a couple of them having  a bit of sibling rivalry, sparing each other. They are a very attractive bird and it is wonderful to read that there is no shooting in this area, unlike other areas we have walked through.As I turn and look backwards I can see the hills that were climbed yesterday. With the wind whipping up I wasn’t the only one to have a bad hair day.

With the walking day being only a short one we soon have the Lion Inn in our sights, just as the rain and mist softly make an appearance. We can smell the open fire as we climb the last little hill to the entrance of the Pub. As the door opens the warmth and friendliness welcomes you with open arms. People sitting eating, others at the bar having a beer and conversations. Owners with their well behaved dogs sitting around tables. None of the dogs take any notice of each other.


The low overhanging beams adding such character to the intricate maze of rooms. I find myself sitting up at the bar trying out a few testers of beers before deciding on Yorksire Lager. The coziness  and atmosphere certainly a highlight of this pub, in fact pub life seems to be a huge part of village life here on the C2C. We have found walkers, locals and travellers all mixing in together, conversations getting louder and louder as the night goes on.

The pubs on the C2C are a wonderful place for Coasters to share their day, their aches and pains, blister stories etc, with fellow walkers.


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