As always as I get to the last day of any long distant walk it is bitter-sweet. I miss the family so I am always itching to get home. On the other hand the solitude of walking restores who I am as a person. Leaving Littlebeck and the farm where we stayed we walk into the beautiful forest . Today is the first time we have actually set out in the rain. It’s wonderful, I believe a fitting last day. The weather has been so kind over the last 21 days and after hearing stories from other Coasters about the weather we have been extremely lucky.

As I walk along with the pit-a-pat of the rain on my coat, the thump, thump of the boots, the kilometres are getting closer and closer to Robin Hoods Bay. Nearer and nearer I get to the North Sea and there it is, in front of me as I look across the purple heather covered moor across the fields down to the abbey in Whitby.  I turn right at the cliff and beautiful sunshine appears as I look beyond to Robyn Hoods Bay. The gulls are calling and I’m nearly there!



Memories are coming back now of the night spent at the Black Sail, one that I will never forget. The climb up the haystacks, thinking what the heck! All the climbs were well worth the huff and puff up to the top for the spectacular views. I will never forget hopping across the peat bog on the blue route out of Kirby Stephens. The Heather on the Moor, breathtaking . The animals cows, sheep, grouse and the ones I didn’t see like the red squirrel all added a laugh to my day. But with any walk it’s the like-minded people you meet on the walks, the conversations in the Pubs or by the side of the road as you eat your packed lunch made with love. Walking in England certainly is alive and well. It’s hard to avoid someone walking around with a map hanging around their neck. It was also wonderful to meet people like Ritchie and Jane from Badger Adventures who are not only running great walks but teaching people to care for the environment . My pet hate is that of women who think they can leave tissues behind any bush along any trail. Two plastic bags girls one for new toilet paper and one for used. Empty when you get to your destination, otherwise bring a small trowel. Wonderful to meet a team of young people at the end in Robin Hoods Bay who are very enthusiastic about walking and encouraging people to get out there and walk.

I have loved this walk, I encourage those that would like to do the C2C, don’t rush it, take your time and love every moment that it gives you. I took with me Henry Stedman guide to Coast to Coast and found it a wonderful easy reference to follow. Now the only thing to decide  is whats the next one!

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  1. Helen, thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences on this C2C Walk. It has been very nice reading….
    You are courageous, adventurous, and inspiring. May you feel contented and fortunate that you made this walk happen. Good On You Helen! Xo xo

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