Morning mist The Lion Inn
Morning mist The Lion Inn

The view on waking  this morning was of mist and the thought of road walking for the first couple of kilometres was not an exciting prospect but off we go, coats, beanie and gloves and into the cold we go. Our first little stop was a visit to Fat Betty, tradition goes that you take a snack and leave a snack for the next walker. Honestly I think it is just a place to rid yourself of the muesli bars that you having been carrying for 2 weeks that you never will eat.

The wind was still howling around us but thankfully the mist had lifted. The scenery again today was of narrow tracks and beautiful Heather.


The Grouse and the sheep were also out in abundance.


Tonight we are staying in a farm hostel and they don’t serve evening meals, so the plan was to have a late lunch and snacks for tea. As the farm is a little way out of town the owner will do pick ups up from a pub called Arncliffe Arms Glaisdale and drop us back the following morning. At this point on the day just kept getting better and better. We stop at the pub for lunch and it was just like the television show Faulty Towers. As walkers came in and out, locals all a mix mash of people it was a comedy in motion. Time to head to the farm and after a call and 15 mins later this small red farm Range Rover comes to a holt. Hi and a wave , we get in. The lady says to me ” side saddle or put your leg over ” the gears are in the middle. No seat belts and with a crunch of the gears we’re off. At the farm we meet a young girl from Spain who is over here to learn English. The owner says she is going to have an afternoon sleep as her husband is away and she has been bailing the hay by herself. No worries we’ll catch up on the Olympics having seen none. Later, a knock on the door  it’s the neighbour. The Bulls in the wrong paddock. The Spainsh girl calls the owner they both go running down to the paddock and try and herd her cows to entice the bull back into its rightful paddock. The bull having none of this. After some time it gives up and returns to where it belongs, tail between its legs and looking a bit sad and sorry. ( Sorry no photos of this event.)

Wondering what to do with ourselves tonight the owner comes to us and asks if we would like to go to a concert in the local church. Hmm why not! As we are leaving the driveway cows are wandering about and one of them is carrying in its mouth a bucket with food. Help yourself applies here apparently. Down to the very old village church and who should be playing but a brass band of five men from India. As we walk in I hear the owner saying to the Spainish girl ,” you will get to see a typical English village church tonight” Not quite sure how typical it is for a band from India playing in a tiny Yorkshire village church is though. Two hours later we are all clapping having a great time, not knowing what we are clapping or singing about in general. But all good fun.

All over and guess what? The band is coming back for Dinner. Back in the car we go, Indian Band in tow a few more songs while eating and we are in bed counting sheep after a very interesting day of contrast. What a day Heather, Grouse, Sheep, Manuel, gear grating farm truck, randy bull, cow with a bucket, Indian brass band and yes a hedgehog crossing a cattle grate. Who said walking was boring.




4 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast

  1. Hi Helen. It was lovely to meet you and we look forward to reading about your final day of the walk. The blog is superb so thank you for introducing us to your adventures.

  2. Hi Walking Traveller. Wow you must be nearing the end of the C2C. What wonderful experiences you have had; the memories will be everlasting. The people you have met, the extreme weather conditions, the landscapes, the animals, the b&bs and the delightful pubs – all delightful memorable times.
    Helen I have enjoyed reading your diary and marvelled at the photos. This last posting is again excellent – the photos and script provide the reader with the pleasures of being there with you. Your descriptive writings of your experiences have been awe inspiring; thank you for sharing it with us.
    See you back in Australia. Safe travels. Ciao Roger

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