Easy 16.4 k’s walk  today. After walking over the 1795 stone bridge and having a wonderful coffee and ghulten free bread at the Romana cafe . It was so funny we asked for toast and jam and with a huge smile got toast and Jamon.

It was a steep climb through the town and out to the countryside A really lovely walk  today a little bit of everything. Cobblestones, friendly people, past farm houses with fruit trees laden with fruit.  Also along the trail the wild mint is growing and the smell is lovely as you walk on it.

The last 6 k’s we walked by the river into the city of Pontevedra. It is quite a large university city and trying to find the hostel was a little bit challenging as the temperature soared to 31 degrees. Finally found the hostel after we asked a very friendly policeman where we were.

The Slow hostel is very nice with about beds for 10 people. We have a private room with shared bathroom and kitchen lounge area.  We will go and investigate the city after the usual rest ,shower and washing of clothes.

We went out to early as no restaurant was serving dinner till 8.30. Tried some type of prawn tapa but not so nice. A trip to the supermarket and we finished up having banana, orange and chocolate chip cookies.

Ready for a good nights sleep.


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